The form of simplicity

Ranger - Manual 1944

RANGER The inspiration of the Collection is originated from the kind of watch which was worn by American andGerman Army in World War Two. At that time, many watchmaking factories provided both sides with military materials. And German watchmakers were focused on easy making of good-quality military watches for army officers. The Watch had large-quantity output indeed at that time. All know that good-quality products have no national boundaries and there was no difference for both sides in choosing military watch. A traditional military watch in World War Two needed the design of big hook-face mirror surface, luminous watch hand and the dial with six-point short second hand. The wind of war was now cleared off. The “Ranger”- Manual watch in peace years still sticks to the traditional appearance design with simplicity and compact. Howerer, the traditional acrylic mirror face was now replaced by a big curved dome-face sapphire mirror with a large-size mechanical movement inside the ranger watch. Unizeit aims to pay a tribute to the traditional ranger watches and to make the classics reappears once again .