The form of simplicity

"Göthe" Bauhaus Chronograph 1938

The inspiration of Göthe Collection derives from the thought design of Bauhaus which has been making far-reaching impact for the world. “Bauhaus”, the transliteration of Bauhaus in German word, is another name of “ modernism style”. In 1919 Bauhaus was born in Weimar of Thüringen. The City has the unparalleled position in the German history, culture and politics, turning into the representative of the German culture. There are many historical sites here, being the cultural centre of Germany before. Göthe, the great German writer, created here many immortal works in literature. Göthe and Bauhaus are independent representatives in culture and art, who are also the pride of Weimar, even Germany. As paying tribute to the traditional culture and art, Unizeit entitles the Bauhaus Design-Style watch named Göthe Collection. Taking Bauhaus thought of Design as principal line, the concise appearance design is used in watch-making technique. In the process of making and designning every watch, the fundamental rule of folloiwing the nature and to be simplicity and subtlety, taking pragmatism as its starting point and according to the objective law, making every watch of Goethe Collection concise but not simple.