The form of simplicity

The German watch brand "unizeit" is also worn by Wang Xun.

2018-08-30 17:12:00

In "extreme challenge", we are bullied. What we see is Wang Xun's simple smile; he is abandoned without complaint, showing two incisors, especially white, like a squirrel, who can forgive everything gently; he has never lost his temper, and he himself also said, "among the six brothers, there are high-value people who feel high-value, smart and smart, and have the feeling of their intelligence, And I, belong to the middle, the middle of this state I feel very good. ". He said half right, and half was, heart, absolutely Wang Xun's best: in the program, he was stingy but remembered that Zhang Yixing was exo, bought his hat, didn't give up, did not say "Yixing you see", that is to wear it silently, reassuring people; there was a period when he needed to take risks to rescue the brothers who just abandoned him. Wang Xun ran once and again without complaint In the rain, the picture moved countless audiences and became one of the classic paragraphs of "ultimate challenge". Wang Xun thinks everything is not too true, "it is very good to be confused.".

I can't not dislike Wang Xun. He has a heart like gold.

Z. Top: can you introduce this role to us as old pan in Huangbo's "a good play"?

Wang Xun: the old pan may impress the audience. Such a person often appears in our life. It seems that this person is very common, but it is very special. This feature is that sometimes you are very upset with him, but you can't leave him after getting bored to a certain extent. Lao pan is a little selfish, everything starts with life, but I think it is no mistake. A large number of people in life are like this. The audience can see him and others around him.

Z. Top: why do you prefer ordinary people when you choose a script?

Wang Xun: no one looks for me to play big characters (laughs), because it is so long that we don't have to play big people. I think it's great to be able to play ordinary people around me. In addition, I believe most people around me are small people, and the audience is very familiar with the mentality of the small people. So when you play interesting little people, the audience will like it very much.

Z. Top: the ultimate challenge has reached the fourth quarter. What is the biggest gain for you?

Wang Xun: brother, it's brother. I never dreamed that I could participate in the extreme challenge program. The challenges presented in the show are more important to me is emotion. The feelings that our brothers and six people can not separate. Up to now, our 6 groups, wechat, are still frequently interacting, sharing some happy things of eating and drinking, and also speaking in the group when they are down. It feels particularly special. The mutual understanding has formed, especially good groups of people.

Z. Top: what are the points of concern for the new season's extreme challenge?

Wang Xun: less stimulation, more warm content. The sensory stimulation is reduced, and more is in the exploration of internal challenges. For example, in Wenzhou, we all felt that people here were building their hometown with sweat wisdom, especially aftertaste and more and more distracted.

Z. Top: if you can swap one day identity, who do you want to swap with most in the ultimate challenge?

Wang Xun: Huang Lei. I often talk to Lei Ge. I envy his state too much. Everything is in control, and I won't let myself tired. At the same time, I can finish well and enjoy the process. He became famous very early, many things have gone through, now it seems to be easy, and he has every stage of life in each stage of the beautiful and wonderful.

Z. Top: what are the plans for next?

Wang Xun: played a big man (laugh) in a play. The small people around the big people. The play is very good and the actors are also great. Another play is also very worthy of expectation, because my role in this play presents another side of me, which is totally different from the previous image, and it can not be disclosed too much now. I hope the audience can say, "ah? This is Wang Xun? He can do it! " Then I'll succeed.