The form of simplicity


2019-04-16 15:39:00

On the afternoon of April 13, 2019, the German watch brand unizeit held a new product launch sharing session in Beijing. The sharing event released three "entry enthusiast" mechanical watches in the VIP Center of the Jinyuan Store of Lufthansa Friendship Mall, all inspired by the popular watch designs from the 1940s to the 1970s. The design full of retro elements, the high configuration movement with cross-class strength is the main highlight of this new product.

Unizeit is a watch brand from southern Germany, founded by an old watch factory with a good reputation for eighty years. Simple design, high-quality craftsmanship, and excellent movement are the way to watch immediately. Unizeit adheres to the watchmaking philosophy of "simplicity in shape, exquisite in core", focusing on watches with simple design and well-equipped movement, full of strong German style. The appearance design of unizeit watches mainly inherits the traditional German Bauhaus style from the 1930s to the 1970s and emphasizes pragmatism. Unizeit is well versed in the essence of traditional German watchmaking and perfectly combines classic design elements with modern watchmaking technology. Using high-quality materials, supplemented by strict assembly and adjustment, a watch that can be worn for a long time is made.

Mr. Pan Jian, a watch fan and MS. meling g geiges, sales director of eurysys China. Mr. Wen Guowei, who is in charge of watches and clocks of Jinyuan store in Beijing Yansha friendship mall, presided over the release activity, and shared with the guests why the concept of "entry fever" was introduced to complement the traditional luxury brand.

Ms. meling g geiges shared the "secrets of black forest watch making" and the watch making philosophy of watch factory. Mr. Pan Jian, a senior fashion media magnate and the owner of unizeit watch, shared with the guests how to choose a good mechanical watch and why to choose an entry-level fever watch.

Tony and Zhou Yuan, head of eurysys China, share the new watch with watch fans. Mr. Chang Di, a senior clock maintenance master, as the technical director of e-watch (Beijing), has been granted the authorization of "eurysys after sales center (Beijing)". Mr. Changdi has been engaged in the maintenance of clocks and clocks for nearly 20 years. He has successively worked for hendery, Rolex and Lifeng. He is also a senior technician and project leader.

VIP customers of Yansha friendship mall experience the beauty of the details of ulishi watch from a close distance. VIP customers of Yansha friendship mall try out the new mechanical watch of youlishi. This season the brand will launch three new products, all with retro fashion as the main element.

1.Vintage-Matic VM001

Its design inspiration comes from the popular "sector dial" suit wristwatch in 1940s. It adopts eta2892 top level movement and traditional sector dial design. It is thin and thin, and has two versions of calendar and no calendar, which is suitable for daily wear. The retail price is 9800 yuan.

2. Pilot-Matic PM002

Its design inspiration comes from 1940s b-uhr Aviator wristwatch. This series is inspired by famous wartime pilot watch b-uhr (beobachtungs uhren). Inheriting the design essence of German pilot watch, eurysys has produced a pilot watch which is more convenient for daily wear. The whole series retains the traditional blue steel pointer, and the panel and pointer are coated with non radioactive long afterglow super luminova material created by modern technology, which continues the tradition of b-uhr. The retail price is 8800 yuan.

3. Diver-Master DM002

The design inspiration comes from the classic diving watch color matching and three-dimensional small flanging ear design in the 1970s. The carved dials of three colors all adopt the gradual smoke color scheme. The square scale and pointer are filled with super luminous light. The whole series is equipped with one-way rotation countdown outer ring, thread locking waterproof handle and bottom. The slim body is waterproof for 300 meters. The retail price is 7800 yuan.